Cat collar camera

Best Cat Collar Camera: Cat Camera With LED Light-up Collar

Explore your cat’s secret life with lightweight night-vision 1080p HD camera, track & protect your cat from danger or prevent your cat from getting lost with the Light-up collar

cat camera collar
cat collar camera

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What makes us the best cat collar camera?

lightweight cat collar camera


Cats have very little strength and we should never put heavy things on them. Our cat collar camera is very mini, measuring only 2.5×2.5×2.5cm and weighing only 38 g. Your cat won’t even notice that there’s an extra camera around its neck.

Motion Detection cat collar camera

Motion Detection

Video recording will be only turned on when your cat is moving, which saves a lot of power. Increase the chance of recording funny videos of cats. What’s more, the longer battery life means you can better track your cats and prevent them from getting lost.

led light up cat collar camera

LED light-up Collar

The battery lasts for 8 hours. If your cat gets lost, you can easily SEE it even in the dark. It can also repel creatures that may threaten your cat’s safety. Help drivers see your cat and avoid car accidents. 

1080p cat collar camera

Full HD 1080p Video & Crisp Audio

High quality brings you an immersive feeling, just like you are on an adventure with cats. It also can help you easily see the surrounding environment and identify where your cat is.

Night Vision cat collar camera

Night Vision

Our cat cameras have infrared night vision function. Don’t miss the wonderful night life of your cats.

wide view cat collar camera

Wide Field-of-view

Our cat camers has a wide 140 degree field-of-view. The super wide field of view helps you capture all the wonderful moments in your cat’s adventure journey.

What we do

Our stoty

When it comes to cats, there have been two long-standing needs. People want to explore the secret life of cats, and also want to find effective ways to track cats. So our team was thinking, can we develop a product that can not only capture the wonderful life of cats, but also track cats and prevent them from getting lost?  Then our brand “Smart Cat” was born with the excellent product.

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